Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is one of the most common dental procedures available today, with over 14m done every year. And with good reason, root canals can literally save your natural teeth and help you avoid implants or bridges later down the line.


Well, inside every tooth is something know as pulp. Pulp is essentially a concentration of blood vessels that is constantly at work building the surrounding tooth. Sometimes the pulp gets infected, either as the result of a crack, trauma to the tooth, decay, chip or even just repeated dental procedures. This causes symptoms ranging from mild discomfort and swelling of the tooth, to temperature sensitivity and extreme pain in the gums and teeth.

Infected pulp inside a tooth can be dealt with using non-surgical treatment, a simple and straightforward process that involves cleaning out all the damaged pulp and sealing the tooth. The treatment requires a local anaesthetic in most cases and may on occasion take more than one visit. This sort of therapy has a 90% success rate, but there have been cases where teeth don’t take to the treatment or resist it. Here your dentist will prescribe the best course of action to save the tooth.

Getting a root canal, even those that require additional dentist visits to get the job done properly is always preferable to removing the tooth, because a missing tooth can cause problems with the teeth around it. Extracting the tooth is always a last resort, fortunately in most cases a root canal will solve the problem.

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