What sets us apart

Trends in healthcare are towards high volume patient care. All too often, doctors need to see more patients in less time. This has necessarily led to less personalized doctor- patient relationships and frequently a less than complete understanding of what all of a patients’ issues might be. At Midtown East Dental Arts we have set aside the mass production mind set to focus on what we believe is a better kind of care for our patients.

We spend time to get to know our patients and their needs. We are committed to providing a level of excellence in care and service that, these days, is the exception to the rule.

Not only do we spend the time to fully analyze any problems, but we also go the extra mile to explain the issues and what the implications might be- as well as discussing solutions and options in a way that makes sense.

Once a course of action is decided, we are able proceed in a way that very few others can. We have invested in advanced state of the art technologies but more importantly we invest in continuing education so that we can keep on the cutting edge of what dentistry has to offer.

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